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Arkie Early Education promotes the importance of sustainability in childcare

Arkie Children - Environmental Stewards of Tomorrow

At Arkie Early Education Centres we know we are collectively responsible for our world.  Which is  why we are committed to minimising the social, environmental and ethical impact of our supply chains and practices.  Wherever possible we source ethically and locally, within Australia.

Here are the ways we work with our children and families to implement sustainable practices and teach our children about the environment.

  • Recycling bins are located throughout the centre to encourage recyclable material that cannot be reused being disposed of thoughtfully,minimising landfill
  • Our vegetable and herb garden includes a worm farm and composting
  • Role model energy and water conservation practices for example turning off lights when leaving a room, emptying water play containers into gardens etc. This provides an opportunity to discuss sustainable practice and explain its benefits
  • We are thoughtful about the equipment used and look for eco-friendly products, minimising the use of plastic
  • We use electronic forms of communication wherever possible to reduce the amount of paper we consume
  • In our Art and Craft programs we reuse materials such as shredded paper, cardboard etc
  • Our garden beds at Arkie are all topped  with mulch to reduce the watering requirements of the plants
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout our building wherever possible
Arkie Garden
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No one will protect what they don’t care about and no one will care about what they have never experienced

Sustainability Superhero!

At Arkie Wahroonga we have a team of passionate educators who strive to live sustainably as guardians of the environment for future generations.  It is not always easy and requires thought into ways we can do things differently to minimise any negative impact on our surroundings.

We have appointed a team member as our sustainability superhero!  The purpose of this role is to investigate alternative practices and look for different opportunities to educate, promote and embed sustainability into our daily routines and practices.

If you have any suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you…please let us know.