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Our amazing childhood Educators at Arkie Wahroonga

Your Arkie Educators

Our team, comprises dedicated and committed educators who work hard to empower every child as they achieve daily feats, both small and large. Together, we are a respectful and passionate group of educators who value the role of high quality Early Education in a child’s life.

We invest in our educators to ensure they are fulfilled and challenged in their professional field. Our leadership development program is designed to ensure our team members have access to continued educational opportunities.

As a team who understands connection and belonging is the cornerstone to developing confidence in a child, a key part of the Arkie way is building long term relationships with our children and families. The Arkie team is made up of people with passion, curiosity and a drive to make things better.

Arkie is a destination where talented individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to offer children and families a rich and exceptional learning experience.

Arkie educators

Education must be not only a transmission of culture but also a provider of alternative views of the world and a strengthener of the will to explore them

Commitment to professional development

A love for learning is a part of the Arkie DNA, we take education and upskilling very seriously and believe it is crucial to setting the highest standards of quality education and care. Therefore, we encourage team members to expand their knowledge and experience not only within early childhood but also across a diverse range of areas, where all skills developed will enhance our educational programs and the overall experience for Arkie children.

At Arkie, we provide our team members with bespoke learning and development opportunities and pride ourselves on offering training specific to each team members needs and passions.