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The ultimate sleeping conditions; embracing outdoor napping in early childhood

Calm and Peaceful Rest Time at Arkie

At Arkie, we are exploring the benefits of outdoor sleeping at rest time for children to enjoy.  We give the children the opportunity to choose whether they would like to sleep or rest outdoors…it is their choice. We offer this to our older children aged 2 to 5 years, as the younger children often have different individual sleep patterns.

This concept is quite new in Australia. However, in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, it is widely practiced and has been for many years. It is not unusual to see babies, wrapped in blankets and beanies to cope with the European winter, outside in their prams enjoying their afternoon nap.

Our designated outdoor sleep area is covered and secure and it is in a space where the children are protected from the elements, yet still able to enjoy the fresh air.

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Health Benefits of Outdoor Sleeping

Some of the benefits of sleeping outdoors and the reason we are adopting this practice are as follows;

  • Natural light exposure. Exposure to natural light helps our body clocks to reset which allows for an increased production in melatonin at the right times. This produces a more restful, better quality of sleep at night
  • Reduces coughs and colds – Breathing fresh air reduces the circulation of germs indoors and benefits children’s health and overall bodily functions due to the increased oxygen levels outdoors
  • Reduced stress – Listening to the sounds of the wind gently rustling through the trees and the birds…the sounds of nature, is calming and peaceful. The rest had outdoors is often deeper and of better quality than indoors