Arkie Education

Our childcare curriculum plan to help children achieve excellence

Arkie Curriculum Goals

The overarching goal of our curriculum is to work in collaboration with parents and families towards the healthy and holistic development of their child.  All children will demonstrate their learning and development in different ways, no two children are the same.  And so, we take a collaborative approach working with you towards the education of your child.

Our vision for each child, is for them;

  1. To have positive, fun experiences to help shape their identity
  2. To treat their community and environment with respect and fairness and understand the interdependence that exists between them
  3. To be resilient, confident and optimistic social beings
  4. To become active, involved, curious and effective lifelong learners
  5. To engage and interact with different formats of communication and with others effectively
Arkie Music Room
Arkie Nurture
Arkie Art Room

Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom

Curriculum benefits to Arkie children

In order to achieve this, we aim for our curriculum to benefit children in the following areas of their development;

  • Physical – Fine motor (hands and wrists) and gross motor (whole body) skills
  • Social – Ability to foster positive interactions with peers
  • Emotional – Mastering self-help skills and self-regulation
  • Cognitive – Ability to learn, think and solve problems
  • Language – Understanding and using language, reading and communicating
  • Creativity – Ability to explore, make decisions and self-express
  • Independence – Becoming confident individuals with a strong sense of self-esteem and identity