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Growing nutrition awareness and healthy eating in Childcare

How our Arkie Principles Around Nutrition Enhance Early Years Development

At Arkie we encourage healthy eating patterns by creating healthy eating habits.  We allow children adequate time to enjoy their food, to make choices and interact with others, helping to make mealtimes a pleasant, relaxed experience for both children and educators.

  • We sit down and eat our meals together without distraction
  • We develop social and emotional skills by taking turns serving oneself, learning table manners
  • Every meal experience is one of exploration and creativity –– exploring new foods
  • Making food together, children will explore growing vegetables in the garden
  • We foster communication skills when discussing different flavours and textures, sharing food stories, talking about our favourite foods, asking to pass the tongs, or identifying when thirsty or full
  • An opportunity to encourage cultural diversity as we try new foods from other cultures
  • Our teachers encourage children to serve themselves which develops proper hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills using tongs and utensils and decision-making
  • Water is accessible and visible at all times and is our drink of choice
  • As teachers, we are role models for healthy eating practices and are responsible for encouraging healthy eating patterns, positive attitudes to food and engaging in daily physical activity
  • A key part of developing healthy lifestyle practices requires children seeing these modelled positively by the role models in their lives
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What's on the Menu at Arkie?

The daily menu board is displayed in the kitchen hub.  We also provide families with access to our menu via the Arkie Parent App.  We offer a variety of food across all food groups and include lots of colour and different textures to entice all our children to eat healthy and enjoy mealtimes. 

Families have an opportunity to take away some garden herbs, any produce from what has been grown in the garden surplus to our needs, freshly baked healthy goods, fruit and vegetables. It is a small way in which we can assist our busy families.

Arkie Sample Menu