Arkie Education

Arkie Wahroonga’s National Quality Framework driven policies and procedures

Policies and Procedures at Arkie

Here is a summary of some of our Arkie Policies.  Please have a look at our complete policy and procedure manual available on the Arkie Parent App.

COVID / Hygiene

Our Centre monitors new information on Covid-19 and follows the guidelines and suggestions that are provided from the Australian Government and Department of Health.  To minimise the transmission of Covid-19 we ask that Families please adhere to the Centre’s practices and policies to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Sun Protection

We take every reasonable precaution to protect children and Team Members from the harmful effects of exposure to the sun while they are in our care. This is consistent with the Cancer Council’s SunSmart recommendations for outdoor environments, clothing, sunscreen, scheduling of activities, and SunSmart education.

First Aid Training

Our Centre is committed to ensuring the safe and appropriate administration of first aid. All Team Members are required to maintain current first aid qualifications.


At Arkie best measures and procedures are taken to ensure the safe storage and administration of both prescription and non-prescription medication. Families of children requiring medication must complete the required documentation. must also provide and store the medication in the correct manner.

Health and Immunisation

We ask that families please provide an Immunisation History Statement for your child from the AIR upon enrolment and as your child receives further immunisations.  We aim to prevent the spread of all infections and diseases at the Centre and need your co-operation towards this outcome.  If your child has an infectious disease please inform us of this. 

By giving our students practice in talking with others, we give them frames for thinking on their own

Arkie Parent App

It is important to us to get input from our families on how we do things at Arkie…we always welcome your feedback and comments.  All policies are available for your information via our parent app which is available on enrolment with Arkie.  

In addition to accessing all Arkie Policies on the App, parents will also be able to communicate with Educators at the Centre and to view regular updates about their child’s day.

We regularly post photos that you will have access to on the different activities happening at Arkie Wahroonga.  Plus we provide information on your child’s routine and experiences.  Please let us know if you have any questions about anything as there is a lot of information for you to see and whilst an app is a fantastic tool…it is never as good as a chat!